Bedding plants Ripon

Looking for bedding plants near Ripon? We have a great collection of bedding plants near Ripon over at Thirsk Garden Centre. Our new customers who are also new to gardening might not know this yet but seasoned gardeners with years of experience under the belt reach out to us for summer bedding plants to create the perfect combination of colour, fragrances, height, and uniqueness in the garden with our Cornflowers, Zinnias, Rudbeckia, roses and many more.

Our most popular summer bedding plants near Ripon Beautiful bedding plants near Ripton

While some special bedding plants – for example, Geraniums – are treated like annuals due to their inability to survive an English winter out in the open, many others are true to their name of hardy annuals and can be grown in the garden without any special care. Our displays of summer bedding plants has a long list of names, but the following five names top the list of bedding plants near Ripon in terms of popularity:

  • Begonias: Begonias bring new life to the garden with their many colours and abundance of flowers. They are easy to grow, since they can easily survive in both harsh sunlight and the shade. They come in many varieties and our range of begonias near Ripon has some of the most exquisite ones.
  • Geraniums: One of the most common bedding plants near Ripon, geraniums have blooms in the most vivid hues of red, orange, pink, and lilac. They come in a number of varieties, including upright, climbing, and trailing geraniums and grow wonderfully well around an obelisk. Our stock of geraniums near Ripon is always great in quality and yield.
  • Lobelias: Lobelias like to take over the area they are planted in and their foliage often looks like a waterfall with blue, purple, and white flowers all over it. Our range of lobelias near Ripon is a perfect fit for hanging baskets and will look splendid in your suspended patio containers.
  • Sweet Peas: Another wonderful master of many hues, sweet peas make their mark with gorgeous soft shades of pink, white, lilac, and blue, growing on long, thin stems. With some support, they can grow over 1 metre in height. Our sweet peas near Ripon come in many colours as well and the option for using them as a groundcover bedding plant is always open with dwarf sweet peas in our stock.
  • Busy Lizzie: Often chosen as the best plant for covering borders, busy lizzies are among the prettiest bedding plants you will ever come across. Our range of busy lizzies near Ripon comes in many colours and with the signature extended flowering period to give your garden a lot of colour for a long time.

Quality in our ornamental plants near Ripon

Bedding plants fall under the category of ornamentals plants, since their major purpose in the garden is to make it look good through the summer. In comparison with other ornamental plants near Ripon, bedding plants will surely win any contest by a long margin.

Ask about our bedding plants during your visit at our garden centre near Ripon

When you visit our garden centre, make sure you speak to one of our experts, who will be happy to answer all of your questions. Also, watch our online care guide for bedding plants.

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