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Looking for a garden centre near York? Thirsk Garden Centre is often called the best garden centre near York by the town’s seasoned gardeners. This compliment is a source of pride for us because we know how much work we put in for so many years to build this reputation. Our love for all things gardening is shown in our commitment to the cause of spreading this wonderful hobby across our community. It is also shown in the variety of inventory we keep in store for our customers. All of this led to garden owners in the city making our nursery near York their go-to place for gardening needs.

Variety of products in our garden centre near YorkGarden Centre near York

We offer a wide variety of products because we hate saying no to a customer. If you are a gardener and come to us with for help, we will do whatever we can to get you what you want for your hobby or that beautiful garden you are growing. The variety in our stocked products, therefore, is the key to our continued success in satisfying customers. At Thirsk Garden Centre, we realise fully that great gardens don't come about by accident. It takes a lot of planning, design, and effort to turn dream gardens into reality. We offer you the tools, supplies, and accessories you need to build your ideal garden. Not only do you get to choose among different categories, we also offer a choice of manufacturers and suppliers since every garden's needs are different. This variety is achieved through a focus on the following product categories:

  • Garden Plants: A garden is essentially made for plants, and for many types of them growing together because it is the beauty of these sublime combinations that makes one garden different from another. Each type of plant grows and blooms in its season and this is how a smart gardener plans for a whole year. We have the following kinds of plants available in our garden centre near York.
  • Soft Fruits & Fruit Trees: A garden sounds pointless if you cannot eat anything it produces, nothing that comes out of a garden is as delicious as fruits. At Thirsk Garden Centre, we make sure our customers can take home any fruit tree that is in season and suitable for planting in Britain. We have apple, apricot, peach, strawberries and many more in our stock in season, but our most popular fruit trees are those of soft fruits, including common currants and berries.
  • Vegetables: Grow-your-own gardeners like to grow their vegetables much more than their fruit. This is because vegetables are part of almost every meal in a house. This is why we keep roots, seeds, seedlings, and plants for common vegetables that are loved in British households. These include onions, shallots, potatoes, garlic, carrots, cabbage, and many more.  
  • Shrubs & Herbs: We grow a number of shrubs and herbs in our garden centre that are known for medicinal benefits. A lot of herbs are grown for skincare related organic medicine, but shrubs are often planted for volume and in an ornamental capacity. For example, our popular shrub, Camellia, is a favourite in our nursery near York with its evergreen foliage and big pink flowers that bloom from February to April if they get ideal conditions.
  • Climbers: Climber plants climb. They love height and produce a stunning picture of your garden growing on to the walls around. It gives one a vivid image of natural beauty spreading all around. At Thirsk Garden Centre, we have many types of climber plants available so you can grow them over unimpressive fences and structures in your garden. Our most popular climbers near York include Honeysuckle, Rose, and Wisteria.
  • Roses: Rose is a versatile plant. In fact, it has so many kinds that it can be divided into many categories itself on the basis of plant type (climber roses near York, rambler roses, groundcover roses, etc.), flower type (hybrid roses, tea roses, English roses, etc.), and colour (red, blue, yellow, etc.). We keep many kinds of rose plants available in our garden centre near York throughout the year.
  • Perennials: Thirsk Garden Centre has the largest collection of perennials near York. Perennials are wonderful, generous plants that bloom in their season for at least two years. Most perennials are herbaceous, which means that they seem to disappear in autumn but revive by the time spring arrives. Our woody, hardy perennials come with two years of warranty. Some of the most popular perennials in York include Daisies, Moonbeam, Geraniums, Safe, Coneflower, Rudbeckia, etc.
  • Bulbs: Bulbs are the most common garden plants in Britain. They are loved by gardeners due to their low-maintenance needs and high yields. Some of them are annuals and some perennials. At our garden centre near York, we keep dozens of bulbs in our stock. The most popular bulbs near York include Daffodils, Lilies, Snowdrops, and Dahlias.
  • Bedding Plants: Bedding plants are used for covering big sections in the plot for the sole purpose of having colour in the garden during the summer. Our range of bedding plants near York is growing for the year as we keep plucking out seedlings for the summer. The three most popular bedding plants near York are Sweet Peas, Lobelia, and Petunias.
  • Watering: Watering the plants on a timely and regular basis is a necessary exercise for every gardener. The need for water changes from plant to plant. While some need more water frequently, some other start to wither in excess water. To make sure you get the best watering equipment near York without inconvenience, we have a range of products to assist you, including several sizes and shapes of watering cans near York, garden hoses, hose fittings and guns, sprayers, and water butts.
  • Garden Tools: Garden tools near York now come in a lot of variety, depending on the task you want to perform and how fast you want to do it. We have a big stock of gardening tools..
  • Landscaping: We offer materials for simple garden landscaping near York. The tasks you can perform with our landscaping merchandise focus around garden edging. 
  • Footwear & Gloves: Protecting your feet and hands in gardening is important. We have a lot of products for gardening footwear near York and gloves near York in our gallery.
  • Plant Support: Some plants need proper support to grow up in the early stages while climbers enjoy the free ride anyway. We have plenty of products for plant support near York in our stock.
  • Pest Control: A garden attracts many pests and you have to make sure it stays safe from their influence and attacks. Our products for pest control near York are many.
  • Garden Protection: In our nursery near York, there are many products to help garden owners protect their plants from unwanted guests and bad weather.
  • Fertilisers & Composts: We also market a variety of branded composts near York. These products are listed here [S7] with more, and specific, details.
  • Plant Containers: Plant containers allow you to bring the natural greenery of your garden into the house and even on your driveway or patio. We have a big variety of wonderfully crafted containers near York in our stock.
  • Pet Care: Whether you have a fish, a hamster, mice, a rabbit, a cat, or a puppy, we have a number of products for pet care near York available. Your pet’s nutrition and comfort is very important for their health.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Having chic furniture in your garden allows you to entertain guests outdoors or to simply spend some time with your plants in the quiet of your garden. Our collection of outdoor furniture near York is growing.
  • Gifts: Get gardening related gifts from our garden centre near York for your gardener friends but also many other kinds of useful presents for their home.

Bringing the best in gardening to garden owners in York

Garden owners love to see their gardens growing and glowing, and when we take the responsibility of bringing in your garden essentials, we have to be supremely careful with the products and suppliers involved. This is why we only use brands that are trusted by gardeners across Britain and test products before including them in our inventory. The quality of our plants is also beyond reproach. It is shown in the two-year guarantee we give for our hardy perennials. Since we grow our plants carefully with the best soil, fertiliser, and the gardening wisdom of a century, our plants are healthier and give more yield than those of our competitors. With Thirsk Garden Centre, you get the promise of quality and we shake hands on it.

Based on our experience, different manufacturers have different emphases. They all get the job done but some are more specialised than others. This is precisely the wide breadth and extensive depth of choice you would expect from the garden centre York residents prefer. If you are ready to turn your gardening dreams into reality-visit us today and we will prove to you why we are the garden centre York residents all recommend!

Speak with our experts on your visit at our garden centre near York

If you have been thinking of building a dream garden, you need to visit Thirsk Garden Centre today to get the tools and supplies you need to make your dreams a reality. We understand your needs and we know what it takes to build a beautiful garden. This is why we have gone the extra mile to give you the wide range of tools, supplies, planting materials, and accessories you will need to create the dream garden you've been wanting all this time. Talk to our staff for custom help so you can get the guidance you need when picking among different planting and garden maintenance options. We are the garden centre near York residents have been looking for. Our sales team are also seasoned gardeners. Apart from their extensive product training, they already know a lot about brands and products going around in the gardening community. So, when you visit us, make sure you bring them your questions and they will happily give you expert advice for your garden and skills.

Visit our garden centre near York very soon! Also, visit our coffee shop!

Garden centre York  Garden centre York  Garden centre York