Gifts Thirsk

Looking for gifts in Thirsk? Our garden centre has a not-so-secret shop for gifts in Thirsk. The stock in our gift shop is sheer variety. You will probably not find gardening related gifts in the shop but you will get a lot of items related to kitchenware and some cute, little things you could present to children. After all, we have a gift for everybody.

Getting the right presents in ThirskGifts Thirsk

Presents are for special occasions but not every occasion calls for expensive gifts. Nevertheless, we have kept a wide variety of gifts in our stock so there is really something suitable for everybody. When asked, we often divide our collection of giftware at the store in terms of the designer brand they belong to:

  • The Little Dog Laughed: The Little Dog Laughed is a renowned British online company of themed greeting cards and giftware suitable for pet owners and dog lovers. Since 2006, the artist behind the company has been drawing splendid, innocent greeting cards and other wares. We have a few of their items in our stock of gifts in Thirsk. You could buy:
  • Douglas The Boy Wonder: Green Shopper Handbag;
  • Scruffy Love Biscuit Tin;
  • Douglas The Boy Wonder Zip Purse/Pencil Case; or
  • Douglas The Boy Wonder Re-usable Bag
  • Emma Bridgewater: Emma Bridgewater is another designer brand popular for the kitchenware items in Britain. The painted mugs, plates, and bowls even come with personalised text. For the past many years, the brand has been growing in giftware across the UK. We have many of the brand’s items available in our stock of presents near Thirsk, including:
  • Custom design cereal bowls;
  • Varied design coffee mugs; and
  • Varied design plates
  • Sophie Allport: Sophie Allport is also a renowned British brand of kitchenware, home ware, and garden accessories. The brand is known for its top-quality china and fabric products. In our stock of gifts in Thirsk, we have the brand’s:
  • Adult aprons;
  • Designed notice boards;
  • Melamine dinner sets;
  • Picnic blankets;
  • Towels;
  • Over gloves; and
  • bags
  • Gifts for your pet

Gifts for all ages in Thirsk

Our gift store is stocked with the aim to have gifts for people of all ages with particular focus on the lady of the house. The kitchenware and china are perfect tributes to her endless contributions in running the house in an orderly fashion. Similarly, the baby towels, plates, and cereal bowls are to make her job during the day easy.

You can give these very affordable gifts to friends and family for their special day. The best part is, since your present is something they will get to use frequently, they will remember you with a smile every time they do.

Need expert advice?

If you are not sure what to get your friend for their special day just around the corner, visit our gift shop in Thirsk and talk to one of our sales people. Tell them your preferences and what kind of things your friend likes and they will find you the most suitable items to pick from. You can also browse our giftware on the website. Feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Visit our garden centre soon and get these chic gifts in Thirsk for your friends and family!