Pet shop Thirsk

Looking for a pet shop in Thirsk? Since we have opened our pet shop in Thirsk, pet owners in the county have started flocking to it for all of their pet supplies. At Thirsk Garden Centre, we are happy that our customers fully trust us for the comfort, nutrition and entertainment of their beloved pets. We do not take your trust lightly and the products we keep adding to our stock of pet supplies in Thirsk are best-in-line, top-quality products that you can take home to your pet without a worry.

 Range of products in our pet shop in ThirskNice pet shop in Thirsk

We keep a close eye on what our customers seem to be interested in and ensure we shift our focus in the same direction. This is the biggest reason why our stock of pet supplies seems inclined towards dogs. Since most of our customers pet dogs, we have to look after their needs. Our stock of pet supplies can be broken down into the following:

  • Dogs: We happen to be the biggest vendor of dog supplies in Thirsk, for reasons we just shared with you. Here is what our customers request from us most frequently:
  • Dog Toys: We have a seemingly endless variety of dog toys in Thirsk. There are chewable balls, bone toys, squeaky little dolls, latex chicken, tug-n-kick balls, and much more for your favourite canine to play with.
  • Dog Collars: We know some of you have puppies you are training, and it is imperative that your dog learns to behave on their daily walks. So, we have a variety of leads and dog collars in Thirsk that you can choose from for your dog.
  • Dog Treats: Dogs love treats and we strongly believe every dog should be rewarded with treats for good behaviour. So, we have quite a variety of dog treats in Thirsk in our stock, including chewy meaty sticks, munchy sticks, pig ears, ham bones, calcium bones, and much more.
  • Dog Beds: With all that fun and play, your dog ought to get proper sleep and rest. This is why we have a wide range of great mats, mattresses, and dog beds in Thirsk available in our pet shop in Thirsk.
  • Cats: In the British households, cats are the second most favourite pets after dogs. Naturally, this means we have a lot of stuff ready for your favourite four-legged feline. Our range of cat supplies in Thirsk includes igloo beds, radiator beds, scratchers, flea killer combs, catnip, grooming wipes, and balls toys, among other items.
  • Fish: Similarly, a few of our customers have aquariums in the house and love their kois. We keep all kinds of fish supplies in Thirsk in our stock, including feed and pond cleaners.

Only the best for your pets at our pet shop in Thirsk

With our pet shop in Thirsk serving you, there should be no worries about sub-standard pet supplies for your favourite animals. We only bring in items and products from brands and manufacturers trusted by pet owners in Britain. The brands we use these days include Pet Face, Revolution, Scruffs, Stax, and STV.

Talk to our experts in pet supplies in Thirsk

Do not forget to discuss your options with one of our experts in the store. They will point you to the products that suit your needs best.

Visit our pet shop in Thirsk soon and get all of your favourite pet supplies under this one roof! We also have supplies for wild bird care.