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Planting Onions and Shallot Sets

Easy to grow for beginners, onion sets mature early, and are less prone to disease. Onions prefer a sheltered sunny site, with well drained soil. Avoid freshly manured ground as this can lead to rotting

  • Plant the sets (pointy end up) 10cm (4") apart in rows 30cm (12") apart
  • Push into the ground so just the tip is showing and firm the soil around them
  • Mid March to April is the ideal time to plant. Can be planted in February if the soil is not too wet or frosty
  • Harvest - shallots sholuld be ready in July, onions in August/September
  • For fresh use lift when they reach a usable size
  • For storing, when leaves turn yellow they are ready. Lift and dry off for 2 to 3 weeks. Clean off before storing in a frost free environment


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