Potato Cultivation

Chit early potatoes: Place tubers in an egg box, "eye's" up, in a cool, frost-free area (away from direct sunlight). This encourages the seed potato to sprout before planting.

Plant: After the risk of hard frost has passed. Choose an open, sunny position, away from frost pockets. Avoid freshly manures sites. Plant in fertile soil and keep watered in dry spells. See the table below for details of distances and depths. Potatoes should be planted "eye's"/shoots facing upwards.

Earth up: When shoots are over 20-25cm/9-10" high, draw earth up around the plant into a small peak to prevent light reaching the tubers and turning them green and inedible. A potato fertiliser can be added when planting, and when earthing up.

Fleece: If frost is forecast.

You may also choose to grow your potatoes in a potato grow bag; start with around 6" of general purpose compost, and keep adding layers of compost over the weeks as your shoots get bigger.


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