Pruning Wisteria

Winter Pruning - January/February

  • Winter is the key time to focus on the framework and overall shape
  • If framework is too congested remove some of the older branches (taking care not to remove more than 25% of the total framework)
  • Cut back all sideshoots arising from the main framework to two buds
  • On young plants, tie in new framework laterals to their supports

Summer Pruning - July/August

  • Cut back all long shoots to within 30cm/12" of the framework, or to 5 or 6 leaves
  • The following winter, cut back these same sideshoots further to 2 buds

Summer is also the time to keep tying in shoots needed to extend the framework, or to replace an older branch that was removed in winter. Aim to tie in as horizontally as possible


Left unpruned, wisterias can provide huge amounts of "whippy" growth at the expense of flowers