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Begonia Corms

Not as complicated to grow as you might think, Begonia can be grown for hanging baskets, tubs or the garden.

  • Start growing the corms from mid February to March
  • Plant the corms concave side up (i.e. depression on top)
  • Start in a shallow tray or pot of damp compost so the corm is slightly above or level with the soil
  • Place in the warmth 60-70°F/15-21°C on a windowsill or propagator
  • Once sprouted they can be kept cooler 50-60°F/10-15°C
  • Once the risk of frost has passed they can be planted out in mid May to June in containers, hanging baskets or the garden
  • The corms can be kept over winter in frost free conditions, ready to start the process again the following spring