The fruit has a distinctive, slightly tart taste, ripening around mid summer.


  • Prefers a sunny site in rich soil.
  • Plant 1.2-1.5m / 4-5ft between auntum and spring.
  • Mulch in spring with organic matter.


  • Initially prune back all main stems to four buds.
  • After that prune in spring and summer, reducing the growth on the new leader by half, and the laterals to 8cm/3" in spring and to 4-5 leaves in summer.
  • Once established cut back all the side shoots to one bud and take out the tip of the main stems.
  • Let new shoots from the base replace older wood.


  • Pick fruit when ripe.
  • They can be frozen, preserved, used in desserts and savoury dishes and are attractive for decoration.

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