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Perennial Plants

These are non woody plants that live for 2 or more years. Most are herbaceous, meaning they die back in autumn and then regrow in spring.

They spread and grow each year and so can be divided every 3-4 years to increase stock.

Perennials have an immense variety of shape, form, colour, texture and scent. Most are grown for their prolific flowers but many have attractive foliage which usually outlasts the floral display.

Choosing Perennials

Make sure they are appropriate for the given growing conditions. Check climate, aspect, soil type, shelter, sun or shade

Growing Conditions

Ideal soil is a fertile loam that is well drained but retains some moisture. Improve the soil type by adding well rotted organic matter. Apply a general fertiliser before planting.


The most common form of planting is in an herbaceous border. Create straight borders for a formal elegant look or irregular curves or island beds for an informal relaxed design. A mixed border with shrubs and trees will give all year round interest. Plant as specimens or in containers.