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A Guide to Roses

Hybrid Tea Rose (HT)

The most popular class of rose. They produce the classic high centred large flowers, mainly on singular tall sturdy stems. Flowering begins in June and will repeat bloom until autumn. They are good for cut flowers

Floribunda Rose

The floribunda bears its flowers in clusters or trusses with several blooms opening at one time. They produce a colourful long lasting display. The plants are usually smaller & bushier than HT roses.


A support system is needed for them to climb up and shoots tied in, e.g. on walls or fences, pergolas or arches. The strong stiff stems bear large flowers with many varieties repeat flowering.


These have long pliable stems which bear large trusses of small flowers and tend to only flower once in the season.

Shrub Rose

Larger than modern bush roses and have thornier stems. Can be suitable grown as a hedge or a single specimen plant. Many are scented and some are repeat flowering.