Roses York

Looking for roses near York? Garden owners in the county love our displays of roses near York. Our garden centre has a dedicated section for roses with specimens of many of its kinds dancing in the wind in all their glory. However, what makes our garden centre unique is our stock of plant care products that are especially created for roses. With our variety of rose plants and care products, you can grow a vividly beautiful rose garden in York.

Our range of rose plants near YorkLooking for roses near York?

Our garden centre is known for its comprehensive collections in all product categories – be them plants, furniture, or any gardening accessory, we provide our customers the best in the market. When it comes to roses near York, we have the following to offer to you:

  • Climber roses near York are available in perfect health in our garden centre. Climbers like to grow vertical and they will look for anything firm that could support their growth before taking it completely over within days. They will decorate your garden walls or furniture with some natural beauty of the rose. They come in quite a few colours and we have many of those in our nursery.
  • Rambler roses near York are easy to get at Thirsk Garden Centre. Rambler rose plants are like explosives: they grow super fast and give outbursts of flowers in their blooming season. They will also love to take over your obelisks, arbours, and trellis arches, making them brilliant and looking like a part of the green.
  • Shrub roses near York are also available in our plant inventory. Like all shrubs, they grow wild and bold. Grow two rose shrubs close together and they will soon be creating a contrast of the colours of their flowers, filling this part of your garden with fresh, sweet fragrances.
  • Scented roses near York are also part of our garden inventory at Thirsk Garden Centre. Their flowers come in many colours but the most appealing feature of these plants is their extraordinary and various scents that would attract anybody present in range. They can be the perfect excuse for a guest to turn to your garden and walk in.
  • If you are looking for groundcover roses near York, you will find plenty of those plants in our garden centre. Groundcover roses are planted to take over fairly big sections of the garden for a number of reasons. They spread around wonderfully and make your garden look healthy green and full of colour with their vibrant flowers.

Care products for roses near York

While you may get all your favourite roses for the garden, we have more products to help you make the most out of your rose plants near York. As a special plant, roses get unusual pests and we have a number of sprays that kill the larvae attacking a rose plant. For proper nutrition, we have special rose feeds available in the garden centre as well as organic composts manufactured particularly for rose plants. Furthermore, we have special spray products to revitalise your roses.

Talk to our experts about rose selection

Our experts are always available in the garden centre. During your visit, ask them your questions about which roses to take home that day. Also, read our guide to roses. Safe your roses from pests with our products for pest control.

Visit us soon and get your favourite roses near York!