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What to do in the garden in October?

October is a last gorgeous blaze of warm colours – ripe red apples, orange pumpkins and glowing yellow leaves. In the garden, it’s time to gather the fruits of this year’s labour, get ready for winter and start planning for spring.

World Animal Day

World Animal Day helps to raise awareness of animal welfare all around the world. The aim is to make the whole world a better place for all animals, in all countries, where each and everyone is recognised as a sentient being and that everyone works towards celebrating animals no matter where they are. It’s a day to encourage everyone to understand animals and recognise the importance of our impact on the animal world.

DIY Ideas: pressing flowers

You can press flowers easily which helps to keep their lovely colour and shape for years to come. Once you have pressed them, they can be used in decoration for things such as homemade cards or pictures for a personalised display at home or gifts for friends. Imagine being able to save some of your most precious flowers from the garden to have indoors all year? The process is enjoyable as well. There are a few different ways to press flowers so here is the book pressing method.