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8 ways to make a biodiverse garden

We all know that biodiversity is a good thing, but what does it actually mean? Well, essentially, it’s the variety of plants and animals found in an area. A biodiverse garden can contain an astonishing number of different forms of life, from bacteria, fungi, worms and insects to small mammals, birds, and of course, plants. 

What to sow in the kitchen garden in May

Knowing what to sow in the kitchen garden in May is pretty easy since it’s such a busy year for sowing and growing. Often it might seem by this point in the year that you have missed a chance to sow or that you are too late, but there are very many different vegetables and salads that can be sown in May for an abundant harvest. So as the seeds you have already sown will be growing at quite a pace as the weather warms up, make sure you have plenty of crops even going into Autumn by sowing in May. 

15 Garden Tips for May

May is a beautiful month to be out in the garden, with birds singing, bees buzzing and everything coming into bloom. Here are our top gardening tips for May to get your garden looking great for the summer.