Environmental Policy

We recycle our card, glass, paper, wood and as much plastic as possible
We have solar panels in place on the Garden Centre and related properties
Our heating and hot water are being generated via a biomass boiler

Garden Care
We encourage planting and feed to attract birds, and have a range of seed available loose
We have a range of natural and organic products for the garden
Our timber products are FSC Certified where possible
We offer a peat free multipurpose compost and organic farmyard manure
Used coffee grinds from our coffee shop are given away to be added to your compost
If you can't find a way to reuse your plant pots, you can return our plastic plant pots to us and we will recycle them

Coffee Shop
Our coffee shop uses local suppliers
We make our own cakes and scones reducing the need for deliveries
Our food waste is recycled into green energy

Plant Area
We have a rainwater collection system in place
We source British grown plants, and wherever possible grown in the North of England
We promote the use of plants to attract bees and butterflies and other beneficial insects to the garden

We sell reusable hessian bags, we also have boxes and trays you can use to get your purchases home safely, and money raised by the 5p plastic bag charge goes to bee conservation society/Yorkshire Air Ambulance



Solar Panel Arrays on Our Roof