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House plants in Northallerton

For house plants near Northallerton, make sure to stop by Thirsk Garden Centre. We offer a wide range of plants for indoor and outdoor growing. Whether you are on the hunt for a house plant that will improve the atmosphere of your home or for easy-going greenery that does not require too much tending to, we know just what you are looking for! Wander through the greenhouses and enjoy a cup of coffee at the coffee shop in our garden centre near Northallerton. 

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House plant trends

Growing plants is becoming increasingly popular and for good reasons! Plants add to the ambiance of your home, while simultaneously offering many health benefits. From reducing stress levels to boosting the air flow, the perks of plants are eminent. Popular house plants that cannot be missing from your home include:

  • All time favourites in many households are the large house plants, like the monstera and the strelitzia, that immediately make the room more lively;
  • Hanging house plants are seen in almost every trendy interior, because they allow you to maximize your space and add a bit of jungle feeling to your indoor living space. The Rhipsalis is one of our favourite house plants near Northallerton, because they need very little water and require almost no tending to;
  • Every interior needs a bit of colour and what better way to add this than a bright flowering house plant? From the stylish anthurium to the classic orchid, you find flowering indoor plants for every interior at Thirsk Garden Centre. 

Is growing plants not really your thing, but do you still want the addition of plants to your home? Why not choose one of our artificial house plants that are almost completely similar to their real counterparts. 

Maintaining your houseplants near Northallerton

Elevate the well-being of your indoor plants with these exclusive maintenance recommendations:
  • Hydrate your indoor plants consistently, but exercise caution to avoid overwatering. Prior to watering, assess the soil's dryness and ensure the pots have proper drainage to avert any potential root rot.
  • Regularly remove dust from your indoor plant leaves to maintain cleanliness and prevent pest infestations.
  • Tailor the light exposure for your indoor plants near Northallerton. Different plant species have varying light requirements, so carefully select the ideal spot for each plant in your collection.
  • Boost the health and growth of your indoor plants by applying fertilizers every few months. Choose a fertilizer specifically suited to the type of indoor plant you own.

For additional insights and expert advice on nurturing your new houseplants near Northallerton, our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you. Visit our physical store, where we'll walk you through our extensive range of indoor plants, recommend the best options for your specific needs, and share valuable tips to ensure the well-being and happiness of your plants.

Indoor plants near Northallerton

For house plants nearby Northallerton, Thirsk Garden Centre is the right place. We are open seven days a week, all year round. On top of that, you can find our assortment in our webshop as well as in our garden centre in Thirsk. Take a look at the plants in our greenhouses and do not hesitate to ask our experts about what you are looking for. We love to welcome you at Thirsk Garden Centre, where you can browse through our wide range of house plants near Northallerton.

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